WWII Essay Research Paper WWII was one

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WWII Essay, Research Paper WWII was one of the longest most deadly wars ever know to man. Most of the countries were either affected by it or directly involved with it. The United States did not directly join the war until December of 1941. In August of 1945 an event happened that would change the way we look and execute war tactics. The use of the atomic bomb was first introduced to war. Once Pearl Harbor was bombed the United States was ready to join a war that had been going on for an unbelievable amount of time. This was the Japanese favorite kind of move. A surprise attack was not expected on the U.S. The Japanese took advantage of this and took it in stride. This event was considered an act of war on the United States. This is how the U.S. first entered the war. Soon

after the U.S. began its rain on the war they began a project called “The Manhattan project.” This was a top secret project that an estimated 600,000 people worked on. Some of them knew what they were working on but, a greater percentage had not the slightest what the end results might be when the project was done. This was how the govern meant liked to keep things, nice and quite. Plus this was an easy way to keep information from leaking out. The first testing of the atom bomb was in July of 1945. The bomb was sent to New Mexico to be tested in a desert. It was set on top of a large tower and drop. The test was a little more than stunning, in fact they had realized they had created the most destructive force the world has seen yet. The making of this bomb gave US the edge

for the war. Japan did not know this, nor did they know the destructive power that the bomb would have. On August 6 1945 they found out what it was like. The bomb destroyed most of Hiroshima. An estimated 80 thousand died. The Japanese still did not give up, so we sent a second bomb to Nagasaki. After this bomb the Japanese decided to surrender. In the bombing of Nagasaki an estimated 60 thousand were killed or injured. I believe this was necessary. The Japanese were known for their treachery. We were also aware that the Japanese were not the type who would just give up. I believe more Americans would die for going into Japan to take it over than Japanese died in the bombings. That would not be necessary seeing how we had the bombs. Some people would still argue that the bomb was

totally inhumane. To a certain degree I agree with them. Still the loss of human lives would be greater than the loss of lives in the bombings. Another point that would also make a good argument would be that the people in the army at that time had sworn their lives and also swore to protect their country at all cost. I also believe that if we had not dropped the bombs we might not be as well off as we are today. Russia might have decided to use the bombs they had in progress to conquer both the US and Japan. This would be a very bad thing. We would be living under a dictator and also would not have the freedom to move around like we do today. We would also not be able to have our own businesses. This would put us in an even deeper depression than we had after the war. We might

have even turned into a some Nazi power because of Stalin?s friendship and alliance with Adof Hitler.