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Sources G and H give different interpretations of the roles of women Source G shows a negative view of the land army. The womans account of the land army was negative “ we had sausages everyday”, “the water was horrible”, may be a slight exaggeration of the truth. This may be a build up of all the bad things about the place she was at or where she came from. She said that she wasn´t welcome. The source was written forty years after the event and this could have caused her to remember just the bad points and she could have forgot important points and make bits up. She has a bad view on physical labour this may be because she hasn´t been used to it . Source H was from 50 years after the war and the woman who is commenting on the land army may have forgotten key aspects

from her time in the land army. The person interviewing the land army girl will have written down selective information which will support entirely his or her on views on what is important. This source totally contradicts Source G but the one thing that they both agree on is the fact that there was physical labour involved but the woman in source G says that the physical work was fun. She could also have gone to a different area which was better than what she was used to. The girls overall account was a positive one. Question 2 (f) Study all sources. Do they prove that the British people suffered great hardship during the war? Source A tells us that the war was going fine, he tells his wife that they were “determined”, “singing and laughing” it doesn´t really give us any

information to tell us that British people were enduring hard times. It hints that London was undergoing hard times because he talks about them being hit by air raids Source B proclaims grave hardship within the East End of London, “there was no milk, no bread no phones” however the source only states the problems being suffered by the east end of London not the whole of Britain. Source C is a photograph published as propaganda. It isn´t supposed to explain to us of all the problems of British people but to spread a particular message. It does hint that people had to use shelters in times of hardship. Source D is also propaganda with it´s main purpose to entertain. It implies that every body was undergoing hardship because of the destruction in the background. Source E is

also propaganda, showing that there is destruction but we can´t use this picture to prove anything because the picture could be staged or set up . Source F talks about he hardships of everyone because everyone had to be involved in rationing. However the evidence isn´t solid because there was a black market which got people around this problem. Sources G and H to different accounts of the land army. The woman in source G talks about how hard and horrible it was but the woman in source H talks about how good it was, they are only single womens´ views so we can´t entirely trust them.