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same time his public statements are in no way divorced from his literary achievement. (Michael Millgate 1) Of The Sound and the Fury (1929) itself it has to be said not only that it is a book of outstanding individuality which no one but Faulkner could have written, but also that Faulkner himself could not have written if he had not been a Southerner, indeed a Mississippian, born at a particular moment in time.? (Michael Millgate 3) William Faulkner?s use of numerous different characters adds to the strange style that William has received over the years. In one novel he identifies 600 inhabitants living in Yoknapatawpha. Not all people enjoyed the novels William Faulkner wrote: (Freisen & Peek 1) The case against Faulkner was made out by Wyndham Lewis in his book, Men Without

Art (1934). In a chapter subtitled ?The Moralist with the Corn Cob,? Lewis attacked Faulkner for his presentation of ?demented? characters and fiercely criticized his style, accusing him of injecting poetic effects to liven up listless passages of his prose, and arguing of his repeated use of such words as ?myriad? and ?sourceless? that such repetition was not deliberate but merely revealed ?the character of this slipshod and redundant artistic machine?. (Michael Millgate 1) William Faulkner?s style is different than the average writer. William incorporates different techniques like repetition, multiple narratives, and excessive amount of characters in novels. William is an author of many talents. As for the negative criticism: William is not your regular author, and difference

is style separates one person from the rest in the group. (Beck 1) (Beck 2) (Freisen & Peek 1) William Faulkner is a genuine author with many special writing techniques to make his stories interesting. William Faulkner takes writing to another level, by making it fun for both the writer and the reader. William wrote how he felt like writing, he didn?t care about all the rules that applied. William Faulkner is a great author that will always stand out as a successful writer of poetry, short stories, plays, and novels. Beck, Warren. William Faulkner?s Style. American Preface Spring, 1941 Online. The Gale Group. Internet, 5/17/99 Available Http: Galenet.com ?Faulkner, William.? Encarta Encyclopedia. CD- ROM. Microsoft, 1993-1998. Friessen, Faye and Peek, Charles. What?s in a

Name? Etymology and As I Lay Dying. Center for Faulkner. Online. Southeast Missouri State. Internet, 5/25/99 Available Http: www2.semo.edu/cfs/friesen.html Millgate, Michael. The Achievement of William Faulkner. The Achievement of William Faulkner Constable. Online. The Gale Group. Internet, 5/25/99 Available Http: Galenet.com William Faulkner. William Faulkner. Online. The Gale Group. Internet, 5/25/99