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only been together for a year or so, and are still gaga (p 113) according to Terri, say (with slight indifference) that they would like something more to eat; Nick says, Sounds fine to me…Eat or not eat. Or keep drinking. I could head right on out into the sunset. (p 119) This shows that Nick and Laura are still in their early stages of love and are not sure if it will either wither away or develop into something deeper. Terri and Mel on the other hand, have finished the early stage of love; Terri says that she would like some more food, but never gets up to fetch it. Also, Mel spills his glass of gin and says rather in a matter of fact way, Gin s gone, but does not do anything about it. (p 119) Therefore, the early love between Terri and Mel is over, and their love has gone

down the less favorable path; it is dying off. In this story, Raymond Carver is trying to show the nature of love. The author, by using a conversation between two couples, shows us that love starts off misunderstood, and will either die off as the relationship progresses, or will develop into something much more meaningful. While one could argue that some of the comments the characters made were purely out of intoxication and were therefore meaningless, it is also possible that the characters were letting out their true feelings.