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searched to explain properly. This meant that any beauty in the world was less than it could be, because of its basic foundations in a corporeal format. The forms are different however Plato argued. They are elementary by themselves, being pure and having no need for composite additions. They are by their nature, imperishable and eternal. Therefore to seek anything but the forms seemed nonsensical. Plato’s logical conclusion would have been to abandon earthly delights altogether, and though he didn’t the idea of shedding possessions to pursue a spiritual quest of some sort endures today. He paints a picture of all the non-philosopher caste as being chained by the hand and foot from birth in the bowels of a cave, a very precise metaphor of ignorance. Behind these captive minds

is a wall that (if they were able to turn around) obscures a procession of people. These people carry objects with them, above wall height, the shadows of which are cast onto the wall in front of the prisoners via a fire at the rear of the procession. These shadows are literally and figuratively the representation of the material world that, as the people have known it from birth, the take so seriously. Bibliography “The Republic” – Plato