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Kosovo, as well as the intended intervention in the Rwandan refugee repatriation. There are three positions on this issue. The first is the laissez-faire approach, that we should not intervene in other countries issues, on the grounds that they will deal with it themselves in the way that is best for them. Those with this view would point out that when the US was a new country, it went through the ethnic cleansing of Blacks, Indians, and Mexicans without needing assistance or interference from other nations. Although this side is partly motivated by economic reasons (saving money by not going to war), they are mostly motivated by their laissez-faire ethics. The second side is those who believe the world powers should intervene. This side is driven almost entirely by ethics,

saying that saving lives is paramount to all other concerns. This side feels that to allow one ethnic group to be persecuted by another when we have the power to stop it is morally unspeakable. This side will invariably point to Hitler as an example of what could happen when ethnic cleansing is let to go uncontrolled. This is the side whose views are currently dominant, which caused NATO to intervene in Kosovo. There is also a middle ground, which believes that cleansing should be allowed to go on, as long as it stays within the country s own borders and does not affect its neighbors adversely. This middle ground supports certain parts of both sides. It believes that while the country should be allowed to conduct its own internal affairs as it sees fit, as soon as the conflict

oversteps the nation s borders, we must intervene to prevent the trouble from spreading as it did during the holocaust. At the present moment, the pro-action side is most influential in determining strategies for dealing with ethnic cleansing. This is illustrated by the Kosovo conflict. Only a few years previously, the anti-action approach was in favor; no outside intervention occurred during the Rwandan genocide. No predictions forecast an end to the issues of ethnic cleansing. As long as distinction can be made between groups, that distinction will be made, and as long as that distinction is made, there will be a few warmongers who will take advantage and cause bloodshed. Although the madness of a few people will not always spread, once in a while it will go out of control,

leading to a massive genocide such as in Germany and Rwanda. And when there is another massive wholesale destruction, what will the world powers do about it?