What Really Happens At Night Clubs Essay

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What Really Happens At Night Clubs Essay, Research Paper What Really Happens At Night Clubs Southern California parents, do you know where your teenage daughters are? Do they spend their Saturday nights at dance clubs? -like The Palace, Florentine Gardens, Kokomo?s. Do they sound familiar? Well, you should be aware of what really happens at night clubs; you may be shocked, outraged, or upset, but you may end up saving your daughter?s life, her innocence, and her virginity. All the dance clubs are fairly similar, but let me walk you through a typical scene at “The Palace” dance club on a Saturday night. The club is located on Hollywood and Vine; the waiting line goes around the corner and has about 200 teenagers, waiting to have some “fun.” After a long waiting period,

you finally go in, and your body begins to get stimulated by the loud music and the body heat of hundreds of horny teenagers. As you look around, you see beautiful teenage girls wearing tight outfits that show their body figures-and, sometimes, even more. As you start dancing, you begin to see guys getting close to girls and rubbing their stimulated private parts on the girls? butts or private sections. Guys also use their right leg and place then between the girls? legs and begin rubbing to turn your daughters sexually on. Sometimes you see girls being rubbed and touched by two males-one on the front and one on the back. I guess one is not enough? You also see what is called a “choo-cho train,” which is a group of at least four people, who are tightly wedged together and use

their private parts or their butts to play with the person who is in front or in back of them. At about one in the morning, the club has a type of beauty contest, which is called the “booty contest.” Fifteen girls volunteer to go upstage and perform strip dancing. The winner is chosen by the audience and wins 100 dollars. The girls take turns and perform individually. Some girls only dance and move their bodies sexily; of course, they are boo?d by all men. Others take some of their clothes off and flash the audience with their breasts. But most of them start dancing very exotically and begin taking off their clothes. They begin by showing their breasts and continue till they are left with nothing on but a gee-string. As the audience goes wild, they continue their exotic

dancing, and, sometimes, even use their fingers to play with themselves sexually, like professional stripper. Is a 100 dollars a fair price to women?s self-respect? Or, is it that these women are already drunk or drugged? Parents, sometimes it seems that I am not on a night club, but a big party orgy, where your daughters are the special guests. The goal of many guys that attend a night club is not to find a sweet, nice church girlfriend, but someone to have sex with that night. Unfortunately for men, it is very difficult to find a girl that wants to have sex with a guy that she just met. Men have sexual tensions that makes us act like animals and do things that are morally incorrect. At night clubs, men try to impress girls with their money-and, sometimes, even offer them money

for sex. Almost all the girls say “no” and get furious; other girls feel cheap and cry. As a result of women?s rejections, men use other approaches. Some use alcohol to free girls? minds and bodies to have a better chance at having sex with them. Unfortunately, other men use strong drugs, like “Ecstasy,” to have their wish come true with any girls that they pick. After your daughters are drugged, men take them to their houses and do with them anything that they want. Almost all of the girls are raped and wake up the next morning in the middle of no-where, not remembering what happened. Others are not so lucky, and are killed after they have been raped. Parents, as a citizen of Southern California, I find myself very concerned with this enormous problem. I am not saying