What My Country Means To Me Essay

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What My Country Means To Me Essay, Research Paper When I think of my county, the United States of America, many different things come to mind. The most important over all thought is that of freedom. There are many different freedoms in the United States. These include the right to bear arms; the right to a quick and speedy trial: due process rights and others as written into our body of laws. These freedoms can spur other rights and abilities to make free choices. This can include the freedom to have as many children as you want to have. The two freedoms that I consider most important, because they are more foundational, are the freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Foundational freedoms tend to allow other rights and freedoms to build from them. The freedom of speech

entails our right to be able to express our opinions on any subject that we want. This goes hand in hand with our right to peaceful assembly and freedom of the press. Thus, we can express our free speech in public or in writing. Because we have this freedom, we can the individuals have the right to express their views when in agreement or disagreement with the majority. The loss of this freedom would send the U.S. into a time where the will of a few people would dictate the decision making of an entire nation. Often people think that one person’s views cannot make a difference. Often, that may be the case. However, it is the fundamental free to be able to express our view that is so valuable. It is not that you always get your way, but that you can, openly in public, have,

without a threat of sanctions, express your view. There is always a minority view on major issues. People just tend to see things differently at times. Knowledge and education come from the ability to test different methods. Through our expression, we can share our ideas and allow for growth and development of better solutions within government. The freedom of speech is a cornerstone for our country. I feel that the freedom of religion is an important freedom to us all. We, as Americans sometimes do not give this freedom enough consideration. Since the government does not have a “state” selected religion, we can choose to worship in any reasonable fashion we wish. We can worship any particular religious ideology we choose. We can choose no religious practice as an option,

too. Though our country was established to escape religious persecution, our new fellow citizens built into the government the right for the people to have various religious beliefs and to be able to practice them. No one is to be denied that opportunity to worship as they choose. Freedom of religion is another cornerstone of our nation. We have built America upon the freedoms of the people. We have many freedoms but I believe the some are more important and basic than others. Without the ability to speak and worship freely we could not be free to live and to choose; we would be limited in our ability to grow and develop; and we could no pursue our dreams and desires. America allows us the opportunity to live free and prosper; to raise our families; to live peacefully; and to

speak our thoughts about government or our God in a land without the threat of punishment or censorship.