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today. Unlike the 20?s, and 30?s when forensic evidence was not available to the jury. In those times, Mafiosi could get away with almost anything. As long as they had, cash and ?muscle.? In conclusion, one thing is certain; the Mafia is unequivocally not as powerful like ?the old times? as many Mafiosi would call it. Rarely do we see a ?Godfather? type of Mafioso. John Gotti for instance, was the classic Godfather of the 1980?s and 1990?s, wearing 1000, or 2000 dollar suits. He looked more like a C.E.O. of a massive company than most people?s idea of a common Mafia hood. Why are we fascinated with the Mafia? Well the answer to this question is quite simple. In a way, we all want be Mafiosi: to command respect from other people; to be free of the workaday job, day in, day out; to

not be susceptible from the petty laws that are emerging; to have so much money that a hundred dollar tip to a barman or waiter is of no consequence; to live an exciting life; to be able to snap our fingers and strike terror into the heart of some rude petty official or oaf; to have beautiful women posing as ornaments, in the knowledge that if one tires of them, one can immediately replace them with others equally beautiful, and equally compliant. The root of this fascination lies in the fact that the life style of the Mafia appears more glamorous and interesting then the lives that most of us lead. Therefore, the answer to the question ?Is the Mafia Still a Major Part of American Society?? well the answer to this question is yes, and no. Yes, the crime families still exist, in a

major way in some areas, and not so major in other areas. Yes, the Mafia is a major part of our society because of countless movies, and many depictions glorifying the Mafia. The ?Mafia Man? has come to be a well-known character. But, no, the Mafia is also not a major part of society anymore, because it is not as publicized as it was back in the 70?s and 80?s, and simply, it is just too ?hard? for the Mafia to become very powerful. Many officials and people say that the power of the Mafia on legitimate enterprises has been eradicated. Perhaps they are right?perhaps not. 382