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Family. The boss of the Gambino Family is in dispute at this point to due to the fact that John Gotti Jr., (son of famous John Gotti Sr.), has been indicted on charges of racketeering, and conspiracy. The boss of the Genovese Family is Dominick ?Quiet Dom? Cirillo. The boss of the Colombo family is Andrew Russo. The boss of the Lucchese Family is Steve DeFede. John ?No Nose? DiFronzo is postulated to be the new boss of the infamous Chicago faction. Some of the bosses are under investigation except for Cirillo, and Massino. ?Steve DeFede has been indicted on charges of racketeering. John Gotti Jr. has been indicted on racketeering and conspiracy. Andrew Russo was leveled with a racketeering, obstruction of justice, and jury tampering charge against him.? (AmericanMafia.com) There

are also numerous famous mob bosses throughout history. Carlo Gambino was the boss of the Gambino family who silently led his family to the top of the rest of the families. Charles ?Lucky? Luciano was Genovese family boss who integrated the Sicilian and Italian mobs after a major Mafia war in New York. Luciano was the man who devised the National Mafia Syndicate. Santo Trafficante was boss of the Tampa family who was heavily involved in the Havana casinos and in all likelihood in the JFK assassination. Alphonse ?Scarface? Capone was the disreputable Chicago gangster who procured his notoriety during the time of Prohibition by use of his brutality. Albert Anastasia, Gambino boss who started Murder Inc., the organization that resulted in the murders of over 400 men during

Anastasia’s reign. John Gotti Sr. some say is possibly the most famous gangster in history, Gotti was a puissant Gambino boss who is now serving a life sentence in Marion, Illinois for murder conspiracy and racketeering charges. These are probably the most famous mobsters in history. (?MAFIA? Joe Dorgio, 120-175) There have been major developments in the underworld. According to the New York Police Department, a lot of arrests, indictments, deaths, and convictions have been made. In addition, the NYPD states that the Mafia is languidly dwindling away. In some areas such as San Jose, San Francisco, and Milwaukee, the families have faded away. In St Louis, Kansas City, Tampa, and other cities, the families are very small in number and not as intimidating. (New York Police

Department.) Federal Agents are looking into possible contacts between the Gambino family, and the country?s most profitable adult nightclub. Three Gambino family capos plead guilty to charges of racketeering and illegal gambling. Once a potential boss for the Gambinos?, Nick Corozzo pleaded guilty to charges of racketeering and where will face ten years in prison. Gambino boss, John Gotti Jr. will be returning to jail at his request, to await trial for racketeering. Gotti attorneys said that their client is unable to make weekly payments of 4,500 dollars, for a twenty-four hour bodyguard, which was imposed as one of many restrictions on his 10 million-dollar bail package. A small time drug dealer, Jenaro Colon, is set to testify at John Gotti Jr?s trial, saying that Gotti?s men

robbed him of drugs and money, at knife and gun point. Lucchese capo, Anthony ?Bouat? Baratta pleads guilty for trying to deal drugs from his prison cell. Colombo family boss, Andrew Russo, was found guilty of jury tampering and obstruction of justice. Former Genovese family boss, Vinny ?The Chin? Gigante was sent to prison after a 1997 conviction on murder conspiracy and racketeering charges. The FBI now believes that the New Orleans family was directly involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. They also believe that members of the Buffalo Faction, and the Gambino family were trying to gain a new foothold in Las Vegas. Members of the Pittsburgh family were indicted for attempting to extort money out of a Native American casino. The Pittsburgh family is said to be one of

the most powerful Mafia family today. They are expected to move into Cleveland and Youngstown, Ohio. The boss of this faction is James Genovese. (AmericanMafia.com) Most of the other families in other cities such as Los Angeles, and Rockford, etc. have faded away or they are just too small of a threat to our society. Many mobsters now are ?retiring? because there is nothing left for them in the family. A lot of them are going to the DA and making deals to testify against their colleagues in their trial. Take the Gambino family for example, at one point they had over 250 members and hundreds of connections with police and judges, and even Senators! Now they have less than half the members they originally had. It has become very hard for the Mafia to hold a strong foot in society