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when you feed you must have a feedback. This is the same as when you feed the market with product do not forget to have your feedback because it is a tool of indication of corrections. As many mangers forget this feedback, it is called THE FORGOTTEN ART. It also means the response or reaction from the target audience, which is made by research. G-MARKETING MIX: Some call the mix ?THE 4 P?S? and some call it ?THE 6 P?S?. This happened due to the difference of looking to importance between marketers. vPEOPLE: who? It means to whom we are talking. vPRODUCT: what? It means what are we going to give. vPLACE: where? It means where are we going to give. (Distribution) vPACKAGE: what? vPRICE: How much does our product should cost? vPROMOTION: Is the element that involves policies and

procedures related to {personal selling, advertising, publicity, and budget and trade promotion.}? THE FIVE ?C?S?: 1.CUSTMER: find their needs ? listen to them ? get their input early. 2.COMMUNICATION: thru promotion you can make the consumer know your product. 3.CINVENIENCE: available ? package 4.COST: price ? time ? usage 5.COMMUNITY: impact on the community (public relation) The 5 c?s are what we can say, the equation of marketing success. You will be marketing successful if you: find your consumers, detect their needs, closed the loop and listen to them, communicated with them, made your product convenient to them, at a suitable cost and effects the community with the correct way. FIND YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE DETECT THEIR NEEDS COMMUNICATE AND LISTEN TO THEM COST=PRICE, TIME,

USAGE, ??????????. THE EFFECT ON THE COMMUNITY 1L2 CLASSIFICATION OF MARKETS It means the different types of markets: 1-CONSUMER MARKET: We can say that this is the end-user market. People in this market purchase final products to use. 2-INDUSTRIAL MARKET: The people in this market are companies that buy the final products of another company to make process on it to produce another product. Example for that is a company that produces car tiers buys rubber from another company that produces rubber. In this type of markets the retail selling is not effective as the personal selling and it is almost the only way. This market is also called the bissnsee-to-bissness market. 3- RESELLER MARKET: This market consists of stores that buy to sell, to consumer or other stores. This chain

varies from one product to another. 4-GOVERNMENT MARKET: This market resembles the industrial market, but it has it?s own rules and it is very sensitive market. Buyers in this market are governments so the products are used in a governmental usage. 5-SERVICE MARKET: Products here are invisible, example: airlines ? hotels ? accountants. The most, hard part here is measuring the quality level. This market is increasing in competition. 6-NON PROFITABLE MARKET: This market consists of companies that do not aim to making profit. Example: hospitals ? educational institute. 7-INTERNATIONAL MARKT: This market consists of all the above kinds of markets, but out side your home country or over seas. Market segmentation ?IT IS THE STRATEGY OR THE WAY TO DIVIDE A MARKET IN TO GROUPS OR

SEGMENTS OF CUSTOMERS WITH THE SIMILLER NEEDS AND MEETING THESE NEEDS WITH MARKETING EFFORTS.? In that way it allows you to focus on your target audience (80%-20%). MARKET SEGMENTATION PROCESS: 1.The company conducts a situation analysis. 2.The company identifies marketing opportunities (niche). 3.The company estimates the market potential. 4.The company makes a marketing research and evaluate competition. 5. The company segments the marketA-Identifying the segment.B-Target the segment. 6.The company develops a marketing mix (the p?s). 7.Evaluate results and implementation. Identifying the segment: 1.GEOGRAPHICAL SEGMENTATION: This is the simplest way to identify segments. People are segmented thru their geographical position. Example: people in Alex. ? In Cairo. 2.DEMOGRAPHIC

SEGMENTATION: The study of numerical characteristics of population. Example: sex-age-religion-education-occupation-income-??It means any character that can be measured. 3.BEHAVIORESTIC SEGMENTATION: It is dividing people according to their use of the product. a.Purchase occasion: Buyers are distinguished by when do they use the product. Example: traveling-making party ?every day. b.BENEFITS: Sought what kind of benefits people are looking for. Example: rebox(comfort)-nesscafe(pleasure) c.USER STATUS: People are gathered according to their type as users. Example: old users-new users-potential users. d.USAGE RATE: Defines consumers according to their rate of usage. Example: heavy user-moderate users-light users. This type of segmentation is also called the volume segmentation.