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What Is Markeitng? Essay, Research Paper MARKETING-1L1 WHAT IS MARKETING DEFINTION OF AMA: 1-identifing the wants and needs of the consumer and coordinately create products to satisfy these needs profitably and efficiently. 2- process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, place (distribution), ideas, goals and services to create exchanges that satisfy objectives. HISTORY OF MARKETING: PHASE 1: This was the production-oriented period. There were few products and many customers (demand * supply). As a result the focus of the companies was on the transportation and distribution. PHASE 2: This was the sales oriented period (50 years ago). The principle of this period was ?produce then sell? or we can say, ?sell no matter what. So in this environment the

ads were lying. PHASE 3: This was the marketing oriented period. As the ideology of this period was ask the main question first which is ?WHAT DO THE PEOPLE WANT?? This way is chartered by being easy and cheaper. This was started by ?GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY?. TASKS OF THE MARKETING DEPARTMENT: 1.To discover, locate, measure. This means that the marketing dept. has to discover what the people want and how they want it and how much they want it (demand) 2.To interpret this information for management, so they can produce products. This means mixing the information gathered in task 1 and give a result, either produces or not. 3.Develop and implement a plan to make these products available. I think that this is the most important this about marketing as a good marketing plan means

that tasks 1&2 are made right. USEFUL CONCEPTS: A- COMPETITION: The big question here is ?WHAT IS Competition?? Well I think that whenever there is more than one person wants the same thing there is competition. Completion is two types PRODUCT completion and CATECORY competition. Product competition is the competition that occurs between substituted products. Category competition is the competition that occurs between different products but targets the same people. B- SEGMENTATION: Segmentation is the process that divides the market in to smaller units that the company can survey effectively or we can say that it is grouping the market in to TARGET ADUIENCE with similar characters and needs. This part is important because it makes focusing on the people that the company rely

benefit from or target on. This were the 80%-20% rule jumps in to the subject as the company?s profit come from 20% of the target audience, so it is more correct to focus on these people and not loosing them, this is easy with the right segmentation. C-COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: An advantage is the difference between to things. So the competitive advantage is the difference between to competitive products. I think that this advantage is the source of the commerce as trade is based on advantages. So to make a position to your product you must have an advantage. Competitive advantage is two types price & quality. Price advantage is delivering the same quality at a lower cost. Quality advantage is delivering a better quality at the same cost. The quality advantage is also called the

marketing advantage. D-POSITIONING: Positioning is not a thing you do with your product it is a thing you do with you consumer mind. Positioning is the space or the image your product occupies in the prospect?s mind. It can also be defined as ?how does the consumer see our product?. The positioning gives the product its personality and its image. E-FEATURES VS BENEFITS: A feature is a character while the benefit is the added value that is obtained on using a product. So it is not correct to try to deliver a massage that is feature oriented, as you rely sell the benefit not the feature. As an example when you sell a lady an eye shadow, you are not selling the chemical components, but you are selling the hope of being beautiful to this lady. F-FEEDBACK: The meaning of the word is