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true especially for new recruits who can get up the learning curve more quickly, people become more valuable more quickly (good for them in terms of being personally satisfying; good for the company in terms of them being more profitable for SSI). We could also retrain/reskill staff more quickly to be able to respond more rapidly to customer needs for new services. Learnings from projects could allow us to more rapidly train other staff to help with similar work, instead of learning by doing, repetition.  Headhunting: increasingly about contacts, who knows someone who might be interested in working for Shell; we should be collecting information on potential recruits and looking for external best practice.  Access to instant expertise (re-use of existing presentation, report

material, so that fairly new staff can give credible response to customers).  Personal information on customers, to enable more effective presentations to them, better marketing  Better bid material  A comprehensive prospects database Best Practices [Future Topic for Discussion] Success Stories from Other Companies While there are many reasons for pursuing knowledge management, many companies cite three main objectives: 1. capturing and transferring internal knowledge and best practices; 2. increasing employee capabilities; and 3. capturing, transferring and using (leveraging) customer and market information. Demonstrating the rewards to be gained from capturing and sharing internal knowledge and best practices, the following are some knowledge management success

stories: *  Buckman Laboratories credits much of its 250 percent growth in sales in the past decade to its online knowledge management system  Texas Instruments sharing best practices on existing manufacturing locations helped forgo investment in a new $500MM plant  Chevron saved $20MM/year by adopting best-managed oil field techniques (via establishing a best practices network)  Xerox saved $400MM/year from sharing best practices of acquiring customer intelligence * Source: APQC Consortium Study