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playground all around the world. He has the endless desire to make something out of himself. Basketball could be his only chance out of the current situation that he is in, and it is only a matter of time before he will have his big break, (Starr.) Some might think it s hard to imagine the effects that one man can have on the game of basketball, but when you look at our society and how much we tend to focus on athletes in the sports world it s really not that hard at all. Michael Jordan played more than the role of a basketball player. He was a hero, a product endorser, and a corner stone in a major corporation, and to the teams that he beat night after night, an enemy. Now that he is gone from the game no one really knows what will happen all anyone can do is speculate. Even

though he has left the basketball court, chances are he won t be leaving your TV quite that soon. The people that will miss him the most are his former teammates and the die-hard fans that loved to watch him night after night. The Chicago Bulls may never reach the greatness that they once achieved but they will always have the memories. It s hard to tell who will take Jordan s place, it could be safe to say that no one will ever be able to, but that doesn t mean there won t be anyone better than Jordan. Only time will tell. The die-hard Chicago Bulls fans will always hold a special place in their heart for Michael Jordan. They will tell their sons and daughters about him, they will get out the old VHS tapes of games that they have recorded and they will pass along the Basketball

cards that will be worth hundreds of dollars. Those of us who have seen him play will always remember him and what he has done for the game of basketball. For those who haven t, you will have to settle for the endless highlight reels and Nike commercials to keep his memory alive. Works Cited Daniel, Jonathan. The One and Only. People Magazine. January 25, 1999:58 Greene, Bob. Rebound: The Odyssey of Michael Jordan. New York: Viking. 1995. Peyser, Marc, Temma Enrenfeld and Alisha Davis. No Heirs to Air Jordan. Newsweek. January 1999: 54 Samuels, Allison, MJ s Court Newsweek. January 1999: 46 Starr, Mark. Basketball Looks at Life After 23. Newsweek. January 1999: 56 Stein, Joel. Splitting Bulls: How the NBA Champion Chicago Bulls fell apart within days of Michael Jordan s

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