What Is Art And Why Is It

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What Is Art And Why Is It Impo Essay, Research Paper What is art ? Well this is a very good question with millions of different answers. To me art is a lot of different things. Art is the way I do my hair in the morning or the way I butter my bread. Art is something that every person has. More often than not when you ask a person what art is they are going to tell you things like paintings, drawings, statues and such. But art is not just limited to those terms art is its own term and its as broad as you want it to be. Art is a feeling or expression put on paper. Art is some what of a time line we have art from the beginning all the way up to present day and it tells us a lot about the past and what some people think the future will be like. Art is what a person makes it. Some

other examples of art would be the art of glass blowing or the art of making stained glass windows. What about the art of architecture that is an art isn’t it. There are so many different arts that I could spend all day trying to tell all of them and still not finish. I think that every thing we do has some sort of an art to it. The egyptians had art. They had those big pyramids that are still here for us to see today. This was an art for them to be able to build something that extroidinary with the tools they had. They had to use the art of thinking to be able to come up with a way to be able to move and handle such big pieces of rock. Michael Angelo had an art and he made art as well. As you may recall he has many well known paintings. For him to do such a good job on the

cistine chapel it was odd for me to find out that Angelo really didn’t want to paint. He was made in a sense by the pope to do so. His real love for art was in that of sculpturing. Like I mentioned earlier art is what you will allow your mind to produce and in someway expell whether it be on paper, sculpting or designing a house. Why is art important? Well let’s just step back and think about this for a moment. Without art there would be no cave drawings for us to look at and try to depict and learn of the way society was in the past. Once again serving as some what of a time line. What about cooking that is one of my favorite arts because I love to eat a good meal. Without the art of cooking I would be up the creek without a paddle. Not that I don’t possess the art of

cooking but if there was no art then we wouldn’t cook stuff and I would rather eat cooked food. Without art I would be running around naked because there would be nobdy to make clothes for me. This is an art to and without somebody accually making them and somebody designing them we would have no clothes. Without art would we ever have a mode a transportation because somebody had to think of the automobile. Then they had to figure out how to express their idea in a working moving form. Then you got to look at without art how would we paint these things because painting is an art. Whether it be the normal everyday paint job or a more complex illustrated version that some people dsire to have put ton the tailgate of a truck or the side of the car. We have become so famillier and

dependent upon art that we don’t even thinck of art as art we just use it without even thinking about it. Like I mentioned earlier builing a house and cooking and painting these are all forms of art. I think without art some people would be so bottled up. You know what I mean because for some people that is how they express themselves and let out their emotions. So if there were no art then who knows we might have a lot more crazy people on our hands. So I guess in turn art is a very very good thing because we don’t need anymore crazy people. What about the art of hunting without hunting would the human race have made it this far. After all we needed to be able to hunt to get meat to survive. Art is a very important part of our everyday lives. Though we do not always think of