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explains the higher percentage of cases among women than men. Another major source of Anorexia Nervosa lies in sports that put great emphasis on weight and appearance. The examples are: gymnastics, bodybuilding, ballet and distance running. In these cases competition stands out as the main engine that generates the eating disorder. In addition to all the above mentioned, Anorexia nervosa may have age-related origins. When young people during their puberty period experience many natural body changes. They are often perceived as uncontrolled and undesirable and excessive dieting may be seen as a mean of bringing back the control that leads to development Anorexia Nervosa. And on the other extreme when women get older life changes and other problems start triggering the danger of

falling into this eating disorder. For most of them it is the stress of middle life such as menopause, conflict about sex and social pressure that demands from women to stay young or otherwise will be displace by a younger rival either in her social or personal life. Some cases of young people may result from excessive attempt of their parents to control their child’s weight. Usually the expected effect is not achieved, instead that makes teenagers doubt about their appearance and disturb the self-esteem that is often based on the parent’s approval. At last, few cases have been reported where eating disorders occurred in various generations within a family that suggests us that genetic prepossession does play an important role in occurrence Anorexia Nervosa. All the

above-mentioned factors act on a person making him/her loose control over dieting, that finally result in Anorexia Nervosa. This eating disorder has many adverse consequences as one’s body, psychology and social life. First of all body’s regulatory mechanisms are seriously disturbed. And the longer behavior persists worth are the consequences and harder it is to give up the addiction. Anorexia Nervosa is a disease of malnutrition with severe after-effects. Particularly lack of proteins can cause “cannibalism” of an organism (auto digestion). Osteoporosis is very likely to occur under these circumstances. Insufficient fat intake is the main cause of poor absorption of fat-soluble vitamins. General effects experienced by anorexics are sensitivity to cold and heat,

headaches, fatigue, weakness and fainting. Once it gets to physical complications the heart, the blood pressure, the gastrointestinal system, teeth and gums, lever and kidney can all be affected. Various difficulties with concentration and thinking may also be experienced. Usually anorexics perceive distorted surrounding situation and can not evaluate it well. On the social level the sense of isolation causes families to fall apart, serves as barrier for good schooling, destroys even very promising careers and most relationships. The disorder is often accompanied by amenorrhea or by a decrease in sexual drive and interest in males. “To recover the anorectics inevitably will have to go through a period of time during which a person will feel more depression and anxiety as he or

she gives up the beneficial effect of endorphins by gaining weight” (Huebner 78). But the good thing about this eating disorder is that the process can be reversed by normalizing the intake of nutrients, fluids and caloric intake as well as vitamins and minerals that are all essential for proper body functioning. But in most cases multy-disciplinary approach is required that involve various specialists. Simple medication intake will not help since Anorexia Nervosa is a result of combination of bio-psycho-social factors. Psychotherapists would guide patients and support him/her emotionally. Nutritionists would teach to patient new eating patterns. While other doctors will help in dealing with all the physical complications. “ Living with someone who suffers from Anorexia

Nervosa can be very difficult, as the sufferer’s behavior may seem to be deliberately provocative and selfish “ (Treasure 11). Doctors, friends and relatives all have to be comprehensible, chary and respondent since they all share equally important pat in one’s recovery. Feeling of helplessness on seeing someone acting in such a destructive way and not being able to help, is common among the people that surround anorexics. However instead of giving up they all have to stay positive, provide with financial and emotional support and read a lot of information on the disease. This information will always be useful to these people in order to understand better the suffering person and to be able to convince him or her of the mistakable behavior by providing a person with new