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What Is A Role Model Essay, Research Paper Role Models Introduction Today, sport stars and other athletes are looked up to by all ages. Everyone loves them. They appear on television, there as fame as film stars, and do this with the entire world watching. No wonder we make heroes out of our favorites. They are seen, as heroes because they can do things that most of us can?t. But if you examine athletes while they?re not on the court or on the field, you can see what they are like in every dimension. Athletes have many positive and negative sides that affect their public face and both benefit and harm their abilities to become role models and they encourage there fans to become like them rather positive or negative. What Role Models are Today, athletes are known for wealth,

privilege, and fame, because of their talent, salary, and positions as leaders, it?s inevitable that we admire them. We can learn quite a lot from role models like determination and confidence because we try to be like them, you have to love a sport in order to do it well. When we look at athletes, normally you would say that they do everything good and positive, that?s how they are when they are on TV or something, but real life do as much bad as they do good. In the news all the time, we hear about people like Stan Collymore or Roy Keane had a fight or something, it will not only affect there reputation but it will make children or even adults that look up to them behave like them. Positive and Negative Role Models Role Models could give a good impression to someone and make

their parents or someone proud but they could also give people bad impressions like taking drugs or having lots of alcohol. I have made a table below of a list of role models that give good impressions and the ones who give bad impressions. Positive ImpressionNegative Impression Thorpe Maradona Ronaldo Hidetoshi Nakata Gary Liniker Paul Merson Tony Adams Eric Cantona Casiraghi Stan Collymore John Fashinu Bruce Gobblar Zidane Romario Well your probably thinking why these people are positive or negative role models, so here?s a brief explanation what I think they are positive or negative. Positive Impressions Thorpe, because it he won all medals that he was in for swimming, he was a good athlete to look up to. Casiraghi, I say that he is a good role model, because is still injured

and still gets paid, plays for Chelsea but loves to play football so he wants to leave the club and join any team even lower divisions. Gary Liniker, he was one of England?s best footballers and as far as we know he hasn?t done anything bad in his life. Tony Adams, an Arsenal defender, you would probably think he is a bad impression because he use to drink a lot, but I say he is a good impression because he stopped drinking for the sake of his health, career and sport. Negative Impressions Maradona, he is known as one of the worlds greatest footballers of all time, but he gives a really bad impression because people tend to copy who they look up to and Maradona takes a lot of drugs and cheated in football, using his hands instead of head. Hidetoshi Nakata, Japan?s first player to

play abroad and Japans best player was not really a good impression because in the World Cup he wasn?t really bothered to sing his own National Anthem and in Copa America Japan was invited but he rejected the International Callup. Eric Cantona, former Manchester United player, because he use to foul a lot in football and done a flying kick at someone on live T.V. Stan Collymore, because slapped his girlfriend. John Fashinu, because he use to set-up matches so he could score lots of goals and win. Bruce Gobblar, former Liverpool goalkeeper, because people use to pay him to let goals in and lose. Zidane, Juventus footballer, because he wanted to leave he told everyone his wife wanted to go to Spain so he could leave the club. Romario, was one of Brazils top strikers, in my opinion