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utilized and accepted. That foundation has been a key part of the whole growth of the industry from a couple hundred thousand units to over 50 million units [shipped per year].” We should not immediately jump to the conclusion that because Microsoft is extremely successful, something is fundamentally wrong and the company is exploiting others. In a lot of societies a company like Microsoft would be far more appreciated, even treasured for creating a better society. Michael Dell also said, “I am not a strong fan of government involvement in business. I think there are some basic rules the government should write to help structure society, but it should stay out of trying to conduct or regulate businesses. In our transactions with Microsoft, we don’t have any reason to

suggest they are acting outside the law. Our perspective may be different because they are a partner, not a competitor.” It is very interesting that Michael Dell points out his partnership with Microsoft toward creating a utopia of the best products for the consumer. Why is this? Another leader in the computer industry sees creating standards and success as a way to improve the market. Another person who is considered an important monopolist and entrepreneur is John D. Rockefeller. He was one of the first people to create an empire in America. At the peak of Standard Oil in 1900, his company controlled 90% of the oil production in North America. He was able to have his success in a different way than Microsoft. He was able to run the exploration, wells, transportation,

processing, and retailing of oil. By doing this he was able to create a monolith that was virtually unbreakable. He controlled virtually every industry related to oil. He was successful until the supreme courts convicted Standard Oil from violating the Sherman Antitrust act. The court accused Standard Oil of lowering prices in certain regions so they could buy out the small independent refineries when they could no longer survive and go bankrupt. Clearly, Microsoft controlled a smaller piece of an industry, but how really different are these companies. Standard Oil contributed to the beginning of America’s dependency on oil. Oil has had had such a rapid expansion almost every manufacturing industry depends on oil for the operation and manufacturing of products. How would our

cars and airplanes run without electricity? Our complete transportation industry would be primitive. Rockefeller’s monopoly developed the oil industry faster than any other man in his time. He is a true American capitalist and entrepreneur. Without people that are willing to take charge in society we would be primitive. Both Bill Gates and John Rockefeller boosted the economy and society in their technological advancement at a rapid pace with their monopolies. They are true heroes. The most important idea that a monopoly presents is just the ability to succeed in the business world. Through my two examples of monopolists, I have shown that a monopoly is not necessarily a negative thing. It allows technological and economy advancements that provide society with a fast

development of their capitalist environment. A monopoly provides an efficient manner for advancing of the capitalists and individualists views of providing the biggest and best for everyone.