What Is A Monopoly Essay Research Paper

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What Is A Monopoly Essay, Research Paper What is a monopoly? When one hears the word monopoly, most think of it as the board game or as the controlling of a market. Although the game Monopoly is more of an example of what a monopoly is, it is a great example in explaining the definition. The second way people think of a monopoly is its dictionary definition as the exclusive control of a given commodity or service in a given market. I will not try to explain what the definition of a monopoly is in this paper, but rather explain what components make up a monopoly and how they interact together. I will try and answer the questions on why monopolies exist and their traits that control the business world. Microsoft is probably one of the first companies that comes to mind when one

thinks of a monopoly. I will discuss Microsoft in fairly well detail because I believe that they are a prime example in my dissection of monopoly because of their recent court litigation. I also believe John Rockefeller played an important role in creating a corporate enterprise and he is also considered to be a monopolist by many. I believe monopoly is just a term used for the process of a corporation or person trying to innovate and create standards for the success of their business. First of all, Microsoft is a technology corporation headed by Bill Gates that produces computer operating systems and software. It was formed in the 1970’s and their objective was to create an operating system so one could run programs on a computer. They began with MS-Dos and eventually

developed the Windows line of operating systems. The argument many pose is that Bill Gates created an empire that completely controls the market. However, this is not the whole story. Microsoft has created a standard for the computer software industry. Because of these standards, the world has been brought together. People can use their software and have it transferable without having to worry if it will run on a certain computer. When someone says that they have windows it is widely accepted that anything will run on this operating system if it is Windows compatible. This allows anyone to use the consumer to use the Windows system with confidence and versatility. For corporations this idea of a standard is very important. It allows them to concentrate on creating one type of

software programming medium that will work on any Windows based computer. One example of a negative impact when you do not have standards is chaos. One example where there is chaos is the cellular phone industry. When this industry began it used about four different standards. Each different company uses a different standard in the operations of their phones. This transfer technology, whether GSM or analog, creates many problems. There is no versatility between most cellular phone networks. Each company has built their own networks and has kept the technology advancements stagnant because of the lack of standards. Microsoft has played a huge part in the advancement of computer technology and the internet because of their ability to create industry-wide standards. Along with other

technology companies like Intel, and other PC manufacturers in the computer technology, there has been an advancement that has been unparalleled since Rockefeller’s oil empire of the early 20th century. Computers have not only changed the way we work, but our business practices and the way we communicate. Even Michael Dell, founder of the direct selling of PCs to consumer, praises Microsoft and its success. He says, “Microsoft’s biggest impact has been the advocation of a broad standard for personal computing that has been massively accepted and dominates the PC industry around the world. As part of that, they have facilitated applications, which is a self-reinforcing concept. This is a company that has spent a tremendous amount of time assuring that its platform is widely