What Is A Hero Essay Research Paper

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What Is A Hero Essay, Research Paper What Is A Hero Heroes are talked about a lot in Literature today, but do you really know the definition of a hero? To me a hero is someone that puts others before themselves. Someone that is very unselfish and very giving. A hero would walk 100 miles in the snow just to help a friend in need. There are heroes all around us, people you would never expect to be a hero, really are. Open your eyes and you will find many right before you. The two characters I am about to share with you are heroes in their own way. They aren?t famous, they didn?t jump off the empire state building and survive, they were just two very unselfish people that risked their lives to save others. One person I know of that is an amazing hero is Corrie ten Boom from the

story ?The Secret Room.? She definitely carries all of these traits. Corrie was a woman that lived with her sister and elderly father in the Dutch city of Harlem. She lived a normal life until the Nazi armies invaded her homeland. At this point is when Corrie went from a woman to a hero. Corrie allowed many fleeing Jews to hide in her house which was definitely against the law and could have gotten her in huge trouble and maybe even caused her death. By doing this, she was putting her life on the line to save many Jew?s lives. At one point, she gave up her own bedroom to make it into a secret room for all the Jews to hide in. As you can see, she is very unselfish and she isn?t someone that most people would look at and consider a hero. Another person that wouldn?t normally be

considered a hero is Rolf Carle from the story ?And of Clay Are We Created.? This man was just a reporter, just a normal person living a normal life. But Rolf Carle would go to extreme extent for a story to share with the people. What I think really makes him a hero was when he went to do a story on the scene of where a volcano had just erupted. He went in as a reporter and came out as a hero. He found there at the scene of the eruption a young girl who was stuck waist high in hardened mud. There was no way for her to get out and her only option was to wait there a couple of days until help arrived. So carle, being the unselfish and caring person that he was, waited there for days with the girl. He refused to leave her there by herself. While waiting with the girl, he developed a

close friendship with her and strong love for her. I think this is what makes him a hero. He waited there with her and refused to leave. This just shows he would do anything for a friend. So as you can see, both of these characters are incredible heroes. I could never chose which one is more of a hero because they both follow exactly with all of the traits in my definition of a hero. They both are unselfish, very giving, and would just about anything for anyone. They are wonderful people in my eyes. So look around and you will find heroes in people you least expected.