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activities that were not completed the day before. The jobs that are on the list should be completed in order of importance. This will show both efficiency and a willingness to do the job. A day would consist of (1) coming into work on time, (2) make a checklist for the day consisting of the activities not done the day before, and the important activities that need to be completed that day, and (3) a positive attitude and willingness to complete the jobs you have assigned yourself that day. These points are just three of many that could be used to describe a hard worker, they are the three that I fell are the most important. With a good mix of knowledge, punctuality, and willingness to do a job well anyone can get a job. The idea to work hard is in everybody, it?s just finding a

way to tap into that ability in yourself. Using these methods will help land a job and keep that job for a long time.