What I Have With My Girlfriend Essay

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What I Have With My Girlfriend? Essay, Research Paper In this paper I will write about an issue that I have with my girlfriend. This issue has been going on for about a year now. My girlfriend feels that I should not hang out with certain friends that I have that are girls. She does not want me to hang out with them because she has her own conflicts with my friends or just does not like them. I feel that if they are my friends that I should be allowed to hang out with them. The reasons that I feel I should be able to hang out with them are because they are my friends and have never had any problems with them. My girlfriend and I are very close and she should not have to worry about anything. Besides, some of these girls have been my friend long before my girlfriend and I even

met. I enjoy the company of my friends both men and women and we all have a good time, with or without my girlfriend. My girlfriend says that she has a problem with the girls I like to hang out with but I just think she gets jealous because I am having a good time without her. Either way I look at it my girlfriend always feels that she is right. The reasons that my girlfriend feels that I should not hang out with other girls are because she feels that she is the only girl I need to see. Also because she does not like them. I understand that what some of my friends have done in the past with other guys, and my girlfriend is just afraid that some of the girls I hang out with may try to take me away from her. If the roles were reversed I really would not want her to hang out with

guys that I do not like. I enjoy the company of my friends and I also enjoy the company of my girlfriend, but in some cases I see why my girlfriend does not want me to hang out with certain girls. If people were to look at my situation I am sure that they could see the perspectives of both my girlfriend and I. Reasons that my girlfriend and I are both correct are the fact that we both would not want each other to hang out with other that we do not like without being together. We both trust each other but its the other people that we just can not trust. The reasons that we are both wrong is because we do not need to be around each other all the time. My girlfriend can not watch me all the time and does not need to know exactly what I am doing every second of my life. If this issue

does not resolve then bad things could happen. I feel that this is a pretty big issue and needs to be resolved. This conflict can cause conflict between my girlfriend and I as well as my friends and I. Also conflict can arise even more concerning my friends and my girlfriend. All of my friends will be feuding with my girlfriend even more. In one case I could make my girlfriend happy but loose some friends. Or I could break the relationship between my girlfriend and myself so that I can still have my friends. Either way I look at it I would not want any of these situations to occur. I am hoping to be able to find a way so that I am able to keep my relationship with my girlfriend as well as my friends.