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aid in all of my presentations that go before a class. Portfolio Entry 6 Justin Walker 9902 Poplar Street Lanham, MD 20706 April 1, 1999 Mr. John Jackson International Radio Company 500 Connecticut Ave. Aspen, Alaska 23165 Dear Mr. Jackson: After reading the description of the type of person you were looking for to fill your head disc jockey position, I knew that the job was for me. I have always had a personality that people just automatically gravitate to. I have always had a presence that some people see as arrogance but it is actually a high level of confidence that I am exhibiting. I am a very humorous person and I always make myself approachable to others. I can not think of another field that would be a better fit for me than broadcast. Even as a little child I have been

exposed to talking to large groups of people and having to get them to listen to me. It was not always easy but I always achieved the goal that I was trying reach. I have been in numerous plays and programs that allow me to access my creative side and use my people skills to get an audience interested in whatever I am talking about. I also think that my knowledge of audio/visual equipment makes me a natural for broadcast work. I have worked in my church as an audio and visual assistant and I have also been in a radio station working with a well-known radio personality. I also am an English major with an interest in writing, which can help me to be a part of writing material. With the skills that I posses and my magnetic personality I feel that I would be a perfect fit for the

position. It would only be a great professional relationship with my coworkers and I and there will always be a fun time at work. I look forward to hearing from you and your company. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Justin Walker Portfolio Entry 9 Personal Health Record Health insurance plan and policy numbers- Willse & Associates, INC Important phone #?s- Dr. Bhoragh Immunizations- Polio, Mumps, and Tetanus: I have had all of my shots. Surgery- I have had back surgery to remove a benign tumor from my spinal cord. Hospitals stays- In the hospital for a day and a half for surgery recovery. Illnesses and/or diseases- None Family health history- I do not know. I am adopted and have no knowledge of family health history. Chronic health problems- Allergies Vision- I need

glasses but I do not know my actual statistics. Prescriptions used regularly and why- none Other The test on page 340 really does not apply to me. I don?t drink nor do any type of drug. Portfolio Entry 10 My financial aid package right now consists of a loan from Bowie State. I have a Stafford loan on which I pay back monthly. I have a bank account with Bank of America. It is a student checking account on which I do not have to pay any fees as long as I keep money in the bank. No other nonacademic loans I do not posses any credit cards at the moment and have never had any. Work History AMC Academy 14 Movie Theaters. Concession Supervisor Wages- Started at 4.25 Ended with 5.35 I was responsible for keeping the concession stand in order and supervising the work of other workers.

May 96-Oct. 97 Old Navy Clothing Store Sales Associate Wages- $6.00 an hour Responsible for assisting customers and keeping the merchandise straight Aug.99-present ACE Office Temp Wages- $7.00 an hour I perform any tasks that are asked of me to be done. May 99- present Bibliography Guy tim 99