What I Expect From My School Essay

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What I Expect From My School Essay, Research Paper Frs. 101 Justin Walker Prof. Squires Portfolio Entry 1 Educational Contract What I Expect from My School I expect my school to help to the full extent to help me to reach my educational goals to the best of my ability. The professors, counselors, and other faculty should make themselves accessible for the student and not feel bothered if a student comes to them looking for help. The school should present information in a timely fashion and keep the students informed of changes and developments of the school. Professors and services should be understanding and be sensitive to the fact that these days students have more things on their minds including school. The faculty should try to make sure that all services are running

smoothly and quickly and provide the needed help to students. What My School Should Expect from Me My school should expect me to be a dedicated student whose goal is to excel at his schoolwork. My school also should expect me to be a person that will try his best in all of his work, and even though I know that I have some pitfalls in my work, that I am not out trying to fail. My professors should expect me to be a respectful person but not a person that will be run over or to respectful not to question something that I feel needs attention. The school itself should expect me to be a student that likes to be involved and if there is a function I will try my best to be there and lend a hand or support. If I know that all of my expectations are being met and I know that I am working

to the best of my ability I know that I will have a successful college career ahead of me. Justin Walker Portfolio Entry 5 Evaluating Reading and Study Skills Skill Areas Ability to define reading purpose. I have a good skill level of defining my reading purpose. At the moment I do not have any special things that I do to improve my ability to define my reading purpose but I could start to work on the area a little. To help to improve my reading ability I have set a goal to try to read out of a book of poems once a week and try to define the meaning of the poem. For a yearlong goal I would like to start back on my reading to help to improve my work on reading purpose. Progress in increasing reading speed. My reading speed also is at a level that I am happy with. I use the method

of reading and comprehending more than one word at a time which helps me to get the main points of a reading and I get it done in a quick and efficient way. I really do not have any goals that I have set to work on these skills. Progress in increasing reading comprehension. I feel that I also have good reading comprehension skills also. I usually can gain an understanding of a reading in as little as one reading of the topic. I really do not have to look at something more than once especially when I am writing an essay. I read a topic and just start to writing especially if I already know the material. Vocabulary building My vocabulary building skills can use some improvement. I have an above average vocabulary but I can improve on that to help it. My short term goals for

improvement is reading the newspaper everyday. I read every section of the newspaper to help to build my vocabulary and my knowledge of current events. Participation in study groups I really do not like to use study groups because I learn in different ways than other people do. I would rather work by myself and work on my own pace. If I am with a group I will be more tempted to play around and not get anything done. So I really try to stay with the system that I already have in place for myself. Ability to understand and use visual aids I do not use visual aids that much but I do want to start utilizing these aspects of my work. My short-term goal is to use a visual aid in my next presentation in which it is not already provided in. My long-term goal is to try to insert a visual