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elements interact? How is the outcome determined? It would seem that people come equipped with a mechanism for the selection of leaders. This mechanism is influenced by experience (is a-posteriori). It comes in the form of procedural rules, an algorithm which directs the member of the group in the intricacies of the group interaction called ?leadership selection?. It contains two parts: an information evaluation and classification module and an interactive module. The former is built to deal with constantly added data, to evaluate them and to re-juggle the emerging picture accordingly (to reconstruct or to adjust the theory, even to replace it with another). The second module adapts the person to respond to signals from the other members of the group and to treat them as data,

which affect the first module. The synthesis of the output produced by these two modules determines the ultimate selection. As with other choices, the mind is split. There is the individual nucleus, which constitutes our Self, the way we perceive our Self (introspective element) and the way that we perceive our Selves as reflected back at us by others. And there is the Group nucleus, which is our share in an entity bigger than us, but no less conscious and goal oriented. A leader is a person who succeeds in giving expression to both these nuclei amply and successfully. When choosing a leader, we, thus, really are choosing ourselves.