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of KPMG Australia, Mr David Crawford described the move as a “significant development” and “fundamental to the business”. This decision by KPMG, to hire more staff instead of retraining their current employees, was influenced by the fact that in a recent survey it was found that “most employers expect staff to stay on board a mere three to five years” (Workers on the move, Herald-Sun August 10th, 1999). As the costs of retraining are so high, companies such as KPMG believe they will not see the benefits of their retraining if those employees were not there for the long-term, and this therefore sways the decision towards hiring IT skilled staff. The decision to hire new staff has a great impact on those already employed by the company. The companies are then

effectively shortening the working lifespan of these staff who have been with the company for a number of years. Without the latest training, these employees will fall behind, as technology will no doubt increase dramatically as we head into the 21st century. There is therefore a need to keep staff up-to-date, but also the willingness from staff to change. Technology has had a tremendous impact on various industries, particularly the accounting and manufacturing industries. In the accounting industry, work that used to take days to complete manually can now be done almost instantaneously on the computer. This has led to greater productivity and efficiency, and with better technology in the future, it will only continue to improve. Although new and highly skilled IT workers will

be required in the future to supplement the existing employees, it is in our opinion that company’s must utilise their number one resource, their employees. They can achieve this by having their employees undergo continuos training programs, so that they are abreast of the latest technology, and can perform their tasks at the higher levels of productivity and efficiency now required of them.