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new businesses it focuses on how Florida has become one of the most desirable states in the country in which to conduct business. The State consistently leads the nation in new business incorporations. With one of the largest supplies of business parks, an advantageous business tax system, transportation availability, 14 foreign trade zones, an abundance of electrical power, and a large population of skilled human resources, Florida provides everything that a business requires to function. Overall, it is through the politics of Florida with which business is regulated. So, it coincides with what a person can learn if they are new to the state about Florida politics. These are just a couple of examples of how a new person to Florida can learn about Florida politics through the

website. As mentioned, the information seems endless due to the links of related sites. And, although since Florida politics or any politics is fairly complicated, the website arguably enhances a persons knowledge on any of the issues concerning Florida Politics. Ben Smith What can be learned about Florida Politics at the website www.Florida Dept. of Elections.com