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not going to happen. As soon as the politicians were gone, tanks and troops took Eastern Europe and a buffer zone was created. The countries were turned into economic wastelands without value in order to protect Russia. Just like the other European courtries, Russia wanted to make sure it was never invaded again. Could the Cold War have been prevented? Yes. If Roosevelt had taken advantage of his negotiating position at Yalta, he could have prevented the Soviets from building its dangerous puppet states and buffer zones. Without these, Russia would have been much more vulnerable along its borders. Even more so, Russian would have been isolated from Europe by distance. With advancements in technology, the Soviet Union was fast becoming connected with Europe. World War Two

completed that connection as Russia s reach extended half way across the continent. No more was the giant nation isolated from the world s politics. It was in the center. Had Russia not been a part of the political struggles of Europe, its power and interest in the rest of the world would have declined after World War Two. Even with its nuclear capabilities, Russia would have been much less likely to use such a device (or even build it) had the country s political involvement declined to pre-war levels. It was the iron curtain that brought Russia to the limelight and it was Roosevelt who sold Stalin the land on which he could build his buffer zones. It s almost ironic, in retrospect, that a buffer zone brought Russia closer to the West.