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cellular phenotypes. Salk, Darrell. Werner’s Syndrome and Human Aging. Plenum Press, New York, 1985. This is about a United States-Japan cooperative seminar on Werner’s syndrome and human aging. It explains what Werner’s syndrome is and gives many useful facts about Werner’s syndrome. Schellenberg, Gerard. “Premature Aging Gene Discovered”. Scientist. New Orleans, June 1998. The gene that causes Werner’s Syndrome, which causes a rapid acceleration in aging, appears to encode a DNA-unwinding enzyme, and may provide clues to cancer and other diseases of old age. Yu, Chang-En; Oshima, Junko. “Positional Cloning of the Werner’s syndrome Gene”. Science, vol 272. Geriatric Research Education and Clinical Center. Seattle, 1996. The identification of a mutative

putative helicase as the gene product of the Werner’s syndrome gene suggests that defective DNA metabolism is involved in the complex process of aging in Werner’ syndrome patients.