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Wendy’s Accident Essay, Research Paper Wendy s Accident Part1 School was dismissed and 12 year old Wendy hurried home knowing that she would have the entire house to herself tonight. Her father was out of town for the next two days on a business trip and her mother was working the 2nd Shift at a local factory. She walked in to the house and threw her book bag into the corner and headed straight upstairs to her room. She had been waiting for this time ever since the beginning of the week when she knew she would be able to do whatever she wanted at home. She went in to her room and opened the door to the closet, she pushed her dresses back out of the way. She pulled the blanket off of the plastic box and undid the lock that kept it closed. She reached inside of the box and

removed three cloth diapers, a pair of plastic pants, diaper pins and baby powder. She laid everything on her bed and then carefully folded the cloth diapers like she had so many times in the past. She remembered this was how her mother had folded them when she was a baby. Wendy then unbuttoned her pants and pulled them off. Next off came her cotton panties and these were dropped on the floor, she picked up her pants and her panties and threw them in the clothes hamper. She knew she wouldn’t need these anymore tonight. She positioned the cloth diapers on the end of her bed and sat down on them. Next she pulled her T-shirt up so her it would not be in the way. She took the baby powder and sprinkled a large amount in her crotch area and rubbed it in. She set the baby powder down

and pulled the cloth diapers up between her legs and grabbed the diaper pins. She put the diaper pins in her mouth and pulled the cloth diaper tight against her body. She pinned the left side first, making sure that she started the pin in from the bottom so it would look like someone had pinned the diaper on her. To her this was important that it had the appearance that the diaper was pinned on her instead of looking like she had pinned it on herself, not that she ever expected anyone to see her with diapers on. She then pinned the right side and grabbed the plastic pants. She slipped her right foot through he leg opening in the plastic pants and then her left foot. She lifted her bottom off of the bed and pulled the plastic pants all the way up over her diapers and then checked

to make the diapers were tucked in all the way around the edges so they wouldn’t leak. She laid back on the bed and was relaxing, feeling very secure, warm and comfortable in her thick cloth diapers and plastic pants. She reached down and ran her hand over the plastic pants enjoying the feeling that this gave her. It was like she could never really believe she was wearing diapers and plastic pants unless she could see them and feel them as well. She was thinking about how this had all started so long ago. Wendy had been potty trained at the age of 4 years old but never really wanted to be potty trained, she liked the feeling of diapers and the extra attention she was given when she was changed. She was an only child and so her mother didn’t push potty training until she

thought Wendy was old enough. It was a tough battle which had resulted in many accidents, but eventually Wendy was potty trained. She really missed the good feeling that wearing diapers brought to her and always wished she was still in diapers. Part 2 Her mother didn’t throw the cloth diapers out right away thinking that she may have another baby some day. One day about a year later, when Wendy was only 5 years old, she was going through the closet looking for one of her favorite books when she noticed the cloth diapers, diaper pins, and plastic pants in a cardboard box stored on the floor in a hall closet. Later during the day when her mother was busy in the kitchen she went back to the closet and pulled two of the diapers, plastic pants and pins out of the box and took them