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for humanity. Conversely, he suggests that with such reform, the bleak future may be replaced with something far more desirable. Mr. Wells’ experiments with the relatively improbable had become increasingly involved with the social problems of his time. It would be possible to trace the growth of his opinions from this evidence alone, even if we had not the valuable commentary afforded by his novels and his essays in sociology. His later works had been so defensive and, in one sense, didactic that one is apt to forget that many of the earlier books, and all the short stories, must have originated in the effervescence of creative imagination. THE TIME MACHINE, despite certain obvious faults of imagination and style, is a brilliant fantasy: and it affords a valuable picture of

the young Wells looking at the world, with his normal eyes, and finding it, more particularly, incomplete. At the age of twenty-seven or so, he had freed himself very completely from the bonds of conventional thought, and was prepared to examine, and to present life from the detached standpoint of one who views it all from a respectable distance. But who is able, nevertheless — an essential qualification — to enter life with all the passion and generosity of his own humanity.