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would take out the allies later. Before Napoleon got to the Sambre River, he divided up his troops; one to take the English in Quatre Bras the other to take the Prussians at Ligny. ( See A on map1) After learning Napoleon s move, Wellington s next plan was to concentrate on Quatre Bras, but he did not want to stop Napoleon there; he wanted to defeat Napoleon at Waterloo.”I have ordered the army to concentrate on Quatre Bras; but we shall notstop him there, and if so, I must fight him here.” Wellington passed histhumb-nail over the map just south of the Waterloo position. On June 16, 1815, Napoleon attacked the Prussians with 350,000 men, while Wellington waited for Ney s army in Quatre Bras. Ney s army finally attacked in about 2:30 in the afternoon. Wellington was happy to

see reinforcements from Brussels, led by Sir Thomas Picton, who helped Wellington slow down Ney s attack. If it weren t for one of Napoleon s General, Wellington would have been defeated. 20,000 men led by D erlon were to come and help Ney, but they were diverted to Ligny by the General. The troops then turned back to Quatre Bras, but it was to late to fight. Meanwhile at Ligny, Blucher fell of his horse and got injured, and August von Gneisenau took over. He ordered the Prussians to go to Wavre, where they would be close to the British. ( See B on map 1)Wellington left Quatre Bras and setup a defense line in Mt. St. Jean.(See D on map 1) Napoleon advanced to Mt. St. Jean on June 18 , unaware Blucher was coming from Wavre.(See D on map 1)Napoleon first attacked Hougomont , led by

Napoleon s younger brother, Prince Jerome Bonaparte.(See A on map 2) The French failed to capture Hougomont, even though the British were outnumbered. Napoleon s next move was to advance D erlon s 20,000 men to La Haye Sainte. La Haye Sainte was a high walled farm house, which protected Wellington s troops.(See B on map 2) Napoleon also sent men to attack Blucher, once he learned the Prussians were attacking his right flank.(See C on map 2) D erlon failed to capture La Haye Sainte, so Napoleon ordered Ney to do the job. Ney placed 10,000 in between La Haye Sainte and Hougomont , where Wellington s men were waiting for him in squares of about 50 to 100 troops.(See D on map 2) The British squares were unstoppable; every time Ney charged he was shut down. Ney decided to go after La

Haye Sainte, but he needed more men. Napoleon could not give out more men because he needed more troops to defend the Prussians. Ney lead his army to General Maitland s brigade of British guards. The British, out of sight, waited for their orders.” Now Maitland, now s your time,” ordered Wellington. The brigade rose and the British shot down the head of the French columns. In the first minute of firing, 300 French troops dropped to the ground. The French troops started to slowly vanish, until the survivors ran. Wellington and Blucher have defeated Napoleon. Ney made it back to Paris, where he was executed six months later when the Bourbons returned to power. Napoleon fled to the west coast of France, where he surrender to the British navy blockading the harbor. He was then

exiled to the island of St. Helena and became a martyr.Wellington returned home with much honor from his people. This marked the end of his military career and the start of his political career. Wellington became Prime Minister of England. Even though he was thought of as a great military leader, Wellington is said to be the worst Prime Minister.