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Welfare Essay, Research Paper ?Welfare, it is on just about everyone?s’ mind, whether it is Medicare or the Aid to Families with Dependent Children, which is also called the AFDC. Some believe there is too much and others think there is too little. As the years go by, the need for welfare reform increases.?(Sara) Welfare is constantly being taken advantage of, and it needs to be reformed to solve this problem. Welfare in its current state is a tremendous drain on our economy. With reform, we can keep our economy on the rise for longer amounts of time. The main problem that Welfare causes is that it gives money to people who haven?t performed any work for it. This is bad for our economy because it devalues the money that is in circulation. Society must advocate a policy like

Social Darwinism, because we cannot kill off the weak, but at the same time they must work for their keep. We should severely limit the benefits paid out through Welfare. Welfare uses, or should we say, misuses billions of dollars per year. This money could be better spent on tax breaks, government-funded job training centers, and help for our ailing Social Security system. When it was originally conceived during a time of economic distress, the welfare program supplied aid to those in need. ?When it was originally conceived during a time of economic distress, the welfare program supplied aid to those in need. Welfare aid was received primarily by widowed and divorced mothers, and it served as a cushion to break their fall into a different lifestyle, so that they could get back

up on their feet and walk. However today it has come to serve as a paycheck for irresponsible and slothful Americans. Welfare is like patching a water main with duct tape; you have to constantly tend to the problem to keep it in check.?(Anonymous) Welfare programs should show the poor they must learn to fish for themselves if recipients are to eventually work for their sustenance. ?In 1994 alone, 34 million people received some 140 billion dollars in Medicaid benefits. Food stamps that are used by low-income families, buys food items and work just like money. In 1994, 27 million people used food stamps costing the federal government 24 billion dollars.?(Sara) Thus, we must change our welfare system. In 1935, President Franklin D. Roosevelt said: ?I can now see the end of public

assistance in America.? FDR?s declaration did not come true, despite the spending what was then an unparalleled amount of federal funds for a variety of programs to help the poor. ?In a Los Angeles Times poll from 1985, 70 percent of poor women said it is ?almost always? or ?often? true that ?poor young women have babies so they can collect welfare.? Two thirds said that welfare ?almost always? or ?often? encourages fathers to avoid family responsibilities. Thus, we can be certain that not only does welfare back wrongful births, but recipients agree it seems to promote them.?(Anonymous) This is ironic because public assistance in large part is meant to be a last resort for remedying the problems of out-of-wedlock-births, not creating new ones. Researchers have concluded that

Welfare handouts have decreased the recipients? willingness to work, and often it is the recipients? negative attitude towards work rather than a lack of available jobs, which is responsible for their unemployment. Without shorter time limits on aid, there is little chance that recipients will commit to the same obligations that are assumed by other citizens–to try to become self-sufficient through work, education, and by practicing good family behavior. The problems with the current Welfare system, if it is left untouched, are the same problems we face today, only they will become worse and with greater numbers. The problem with the Welfare system, as stated above, is the fact that often women have children in order to receive public assistance. Also it has been documented