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programs have proved to be ineffective and only have short-term results. Social Security is one of the few programs that has been proved successful where workers pay into an account that can be drawn on in case you are unable to work for some period of time. By putting in time and research required, our government can come up with effective ways to restructure our welfare system, instead of making unnecessary cuts. In closing, welfare should be viewed a last resource for our citizens, instead of a means of supporting oneself. Excluding the sick and old, it should be a privilege that requires a responsibility to the government and community. By educating and preparing people, we not only place them in the job market, but we also give them a sense of self worth. Giving handouts and

telling our citizens to find employment just is not cutting it anymore. We need to provide some way of guaranteeing jobs, not income. By creating a more efficient system of welfare, we not only help the poor; we improve our communities and country. 36b