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Welcome To Australia Essay, Research Paper Welcome To Australia Australia is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. Thousands and thousands of foreign people come and visit Australia each year. This is due to our vast variety in our landscapes and animals. Also our weather is perfect in most places, especially on the coast. Australia is one of not too many countries with total freedom, we can live anywhere we want, do anything we want, any time we want, work anywhere we want, go to school anywhere we want, have as many children as we want. Australia has many tourist attractions, for example up in North Queensland there is the Great Barrier Reef, round in the Townsville area there is Magnetic Island, Billabong Centuary. Australia wide there is Airs Rock,

Gold Coast, Great scenic views everywhere, our unique some quite weird creatures. Australia has a very wide range of native creatures. Some of these include the famous Kangaroo, Wombat, Echidna and Koalas. Most of Australia s animals are mammals. One of them, the platypus, is an aquatic, furred mammal with a bill like that of a duck and with poisonous spurs. It lives in the streams of southeastern Australia. You can see any of these animals in a animal centuary. The best-known marsupials of Australia are the kangaroos, which include about 50 species. The kangaroo is vegetarian. The large red or gray kangaroo may stand as high as 2.1 m (7 ft) and can leap 9 m (30 ft). In 1956 the summer Olympic Games.doc were held in Melbourne. This was the first time Australia.doc was lucky

enough to house the Olympic Games. Australia will be proudly carrying out the Olympic Games right here in Australia. The Olympic Games will be lodged in Sydney for the year 2000! Australia has improved a lot in our sports, we have such sporting heroes as Ian Thorpe, world record swimmer, Cathy Freeman, world champion runner. The first time Australia held the Olympic Games we didn t hold nearly as many world records as we have now.