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Weight Training Report Essay, Research Paper Weight Training In the past six weeks i have progressed in many different ways such as learning what the machines are called, learning how to use the machines so that i don’t get hurt using them, and also building my muscles larger. In the coarse of six weeks i have also learned many good things about lifting like to stretch before lifting daily, to work within my limit, to always have a spotter, to use my legs and not my back while lifting, and to alternate with a partner between sets. There is also things that i learned not to do such as not to play around in the weight room, don’t, not pay attention to your partner while they are lifting, don’t stand against or behind any equipment in the weight room, and don’t allow

your partner to quit while they are lifting. The way that i worked to reach my goal is every time we weight lifted in physical education i tried and worked my hardest that i could in that area of development. Also which helped me a lot was my physical education coach Mr. Reynolds who taught me how to lift with the machines correctly and he also told me safety tips so i wouldn’t get hurt. I was working for my goal of bulking up which by measurements i bulked up a good amount for lifting for six weeks so i would say that i did reach my ultimate goal in this class. The reason that i did reach my ultimate goal is by working out correctly like,when i was bench pressing i would use the isolating principle by making sure my body was straight on the bench so that i would isolate my

pectorals. Also another reason that i bulked up is because certain days i would consist of groups of exercises located at different stations the lifter attempts to perform all exercises within a given length of time, plus i would also do forced repetition training which is when the lifter performs the exercise to fatigue, and then force the muscles to respond to additional repetitions. I just hope that my muscle does not become smaller due to inactivity which is formerly known as atrophy, But instead hopefully becomes hypertrophy which is when the muscle ets larger or tightens due to work. Bibliography Te internet and pe notes