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unregulated and often unperceived social power. Because of bureaucracy’s superiority over other forms of organization, they have proliferated and now dominate modern societies. Those who control these organizations, Weber warned, control the quality of our life, and they are largely self-appointed leaders. Bureaucracy tends to result in oligarchy, or rule by the few officials at the top of the organization. In a society dominated by large formal organizations, there is a danger that social, political and economic power will become concentrated in the hands of the few who hold high positions in the most influential of these organizations. Weber s end goal for society was the creation of a plebiscatory democracy capable of transforming capitalism. This change in society will

change personal power into a power for the greater good of the society. Weber dislikes the Junkers in Germany because of their egoist actions. Set tariffs and follow the rules that will help themselves, not Germany as a whole. Although it is individualistic, Weber is interested in democracy not for the idea that the masses can share the power to rule, but for the reason that it allows new leaders, charismatic leaders, to come into power. In Weber s ideal democracy is one where leaders are spotted by the masses, but then the masses stay out of government and let the leaders rule 343