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service-oriented economy, we need to find ways to provide not just jobs but wages that provide the means to support a family above the poverty level. For example, the wealthiest spend a proportionately smaller amount of income on food and shelter than do the poorest. It may be that some type of government program can compensate for the lack of basic necessities; however, the record to date is pretty dismal. The gap has grown even wider in recent years. Clearly there are no easy answers to the problem of poverty, but I believe there are measures that could halt the increasing disparity. Earned income credit and rent subsidies, if properly implemented, could alleviate the burden on the working poor. There will always be those among us who cannot work due to disability, age or

infirmity, and the current “Welfare Reform” seems to ignore these individuals. I don’t believe government “hand-outs” are the solution but the Federal government could develop incentives and a “safety net”.