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use. Medical marijuana laws would be regulated and doses would be controlled. Marijuana is too far useful to be excluded from available pharmaceuticals. I would hate to see its high medicinal potential be overlooked only because of legal matters. Works Cited 1. Americans For Medical Rights. 21 States Have Authorized Medical Marijuana Studies, But Only Six Implemented Programs. 3 Feb. 2000. http://medmjscience.org/Pages/science/fact1.html This is a short article telling which states have implemented programs for medicinal marijuana. 2. Gieringer, Dale Ph.D. Marijuana Health Myths. 3 Feb. 2000. http://www.norml.org/canorml/myths.shtml This Coordinator of California NORML disputes myths about marijuana. 3. Institute of Medical Marijuana. Marijuana Is Medicine. 3 Feb. 2000.

http://medicalmarijuana.org/engflyer.htm This is an article showing how marijuana can be used beneficially in medicine. 4. Marijuana Policy Project. Medical Marijuana Briefing Paper- 2000: The Need to Change State and Federal Laws. 3 Feb. 2000. http://www.mpp.org/medicine.html This is a briefing paper about marijuana, explaining the medicinal value, background, the struggle in court, and others. 5. National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. Still Crazy After All These Years. 3 Feb. 2000. http://www.natlnorml.org/facts/index This is a report on the history of marijuana. 374