Ways Of The Breakdancer Essay Research Paper

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Ways Of The Breakdancer Essay, Research Paper B-Boy Breakin Moves Dictionary AIRPLANES Form of a windmills with your arms spread out straight to the sides as high as you can get them. AIRSWIPES You start with both hands and feet on the ground, facing upwards. Then you kick your legs up with your weight on one arm and spin over so that you land on your other arm before your legs land. If done correctly you should be able to spin you body completely around in a full rotation. APPLEJACKS A basic move to challenge another bboy to battle. You squat on both legs, then fall backward onto your hands and kick one leg into the air, as high as possible. Then you spring back onto both legs, and repeat. BACKSPIN A spin performed high on the back. All weight is balanced on the upper back,

legs tucked close to the body. Spin is initiated through a circular swinging of the legs a kick position in the direction of the spin. BACK SWIPE The same thing as a airswipe except when your legs are in the air half way through, you change directions and go back to your starting position. BARRELS Windmills with arms rounded in front of you. BATTLE A challenge between an individual or group of bboys/bgirls. BBOY Bronx Boy, boogie boy, as in one who dances to the break. BELLYMILL Like a windmill but instead of turning around on your hands or head you turn over on your stomach. BHUDDA Similer to UFO move, except your knees are inside of arms which are kept straight, and legs are kept off of ground. BITE Stealing or taking someone else moves or style. BOOMERANG You start sitting on

the ground, with your legs out in front of you in a V position. Then you stick your hand between your legs and lift yourself up, to where only your hands are touching the ground. Then turn around in circles. BOSTON CRAB Same as a crab but with legs spread as much as possible and body more upright. BRONCO You start on your feet. Then you fall to your hand only. Then kick your feet back and land on your feet again, then repeat all steps. BROOKLYN ROCK (Battle Rock, UpRock) Dancing with a variety of fighting movements. Consist of punching, throwing weapons or whatever. Usually used up against someone you battle. BUNNY HOP Kind of like flare except legs are kept straight up,spread apart in front of you. Then you hop up and down turning in a circle. BURNED Term that refers to an

individual or group beaten in battle. CANNONBALL Done in a cannonball position with arms wrapped around knees. COMBINATIONS A combination is when two or more moves are executed right after each other. CRAB Same as position and movement as “turtle” but legs are bent like a frog. CRABWALK Same position as crab but you walk aroung in any direction. CRAZY LEGS Same thing as air swipes except more than one. You do air swipes over and over without pausing in between. CREW A Group of bboy’s down with each other. CRICKETS A spin performed almost identical to hand glide, except weight is temporarily transfered to pushing hand, while spinning hand lifts off floor, rotated, and replaced on floor. If done well, looks like continuous spinning motion. DOUBLE 99 The same thing as a 2,000

(one hand 99), but when your about to fall off your one hand, switch hands, kick your legs to gain speed and continue to do a 2,000 (one hand 99), on each hand over and over without coming down. DOWNROCK A rythmic weaving of legs and feet in a continuous circular low around the axis of the hand that is carrying the dancers weight. Usually combined with freezes or hesitations, and is followed by other moves. EGGBEATERS Windmills with hands high on the hips. ELBOW GLIDE Same motion and postion as handspin except spinning on elbow with hand in stomach. FIST GLIDE Same motion and position as handpin except spinning on fist. FLARE Like a windmill in that your legs move around in big circles in the air, but instead of moving on your shoulders, you put your weight on your hands. FLOAT