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Institutions of government in particular need constantly to be examined for their continuing responsiveness to changing circumstances, to ensure that they fully carry out the functions they are designed to fulfil. ????????? The Government wants to see the House of Lords as a modern, fit and effective second chamber of Parliament for the 21st century. The removal of purely hereditary basis of the majority of the House anomalous, unrepresentative and insupportable will be a radical step in itself. The Royal Commission can mean a longer-term examination and can make recommendations for the Government to consider. A fully reformed second chamber can have a vital role in the renewed democracy of Britain. Along with the Government?s own ideas of reforming Parliament, groups such as

RADAR have their own ideas for reforming the House of Lords. They would like to see disabled people included in the Government?s proposal for a new second chamber. They want the 8.6 million disabled people represented; many major national newspapers have welcomed this. Uganda has a mechanism written into its constitution to ensure at least one disabled delegate represents the country?s disability organisations.