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After the Oilers had won the fourth Stanley Cup in last five years. The owner of the Oilers Nelson Skalbania wanted Oilers to go public, so he could raise money easily. In order to go public, he had to get Gretzky out of the personal service contract and make Gretzky property of the team. Because Skalbania knew what he needed wasn’t more Stanley Cups. He didn’t need to sell more ticket. His arena was already sold out. He need cash. So, now Gretzky became a LA. Kings after this huge deal in the NHL history. Talking about the bias, I didn’t think there had a lot of bias in this two books. I could only find a little bias in the book “Gretzky with Rick Reilly” it was because this book was a autobiography, it may had a little bit subjective. The part that a felt subjective

was the huge deal. In the book, it only had people who supported Gretzky to give their comments, no one was on the side owner .May be the thing was what the people had said, but you should also had the comment of other side. So that people can compare by themselves. Both two books were very interesting, not only the words but a lot of pictures. These pictures could make the books more interested but also gave readers the image how Gretzky played hockey. And the interpretation, both two books had some statistic in the back. It showed how many goals, assists, points and many other statistic of Wayne Gretzky. (see note 1) Compare of these two books, I could find both very interested and excllent. However, I thought the “Gretzky with Rick Reilly” was a liitle bit better than the

other because of the more specify details.