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him. Without fail, Mirabell comes to the rescue with a legal document that turns over all moneys to himself, signed and witnessed by persons who were present. So in the end, Mirabell is allowed to marry Millamant as a reward for saving Lady Wishfort’s fortunes. This play was very interesting and difficult to understand in the beginning, but as the plot began to unfold and the relationships began to be discovered, the story was a little more understandable. The characters themselves were not necessarily deep, but the inter-relationships were important to the overall storyline. The characters that worked together tended to have some type of loyalty to the other character(s). For example, Fainall worked with Mrs. Marwood because he loved her. These alliances seemed stronger

because there was a bond between them. Mrs. Marwoods action overall were not honorable. Her chracter was not a likeable one because of her willingness to foil Mirabell?s scheme. Her action were motivated by her love for Fainall. The Way of the World, William Congreve Lynch, Kathleen M.(Ed.) (1965). The Way of the World. Nebraska: University of Nebrask Press.