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told him about the big white bird that they found that was hurt. Quickly Hazel went over to the bird and started talking to it. When he realized that it was starving, he himself went into the ground and dug up worms to feed it. Hazel offered the bird, Kehaar, to stay with them. Kehaar had no other remedy so he agreed. Hazel made sure there was a “lobby” dug up for it so it could be safe and have enough room to walk around. Once again, we see Hazel going out of his way, and out of the belief that all animals besides rabbits were unacceptable, risking his own life to save another animals life. He sincerely believed that there was no reason not to help the injured bird. Kehaar needed help and they were there, so why not help a needy fellow animal. This is why all the animals

respected Hazel. He was courageous and looked at all animals like himself, without being prejudice. The rule of not dealing with other animals except rabbits didn’t make sense to him, so he did what he felt was right. Towards the end of the book it is clear how beneficial Kehaar really was. He was a vital role in the mission to get the does which was ultimately what made up the new warren. From these two incidents in the novel we see how this civil rights leadership is shown through Hazel. Hazel can be compared to historical figures such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Harriet Tubman. Theses individuals risked their lives because they truly believed that all humans should be treated the same. No human being is any “better” than any other human being. We see and appreciate

these people so much more now because we know that there was so much truth to what they believed in. Nowadays we see how much more we can do as a human race if we only worked together and ignored other peoples “deficiencies.” In conclusion, we see how Richard Adams was not simply telling a story of rabbits. He was teaching us about issues that have to do with our everyday lives. Through Hazel he illustrated how if we all work together we can achieve so much more. People like Martin Luther King Jr. shared these same beliefs. This is truly the reason that Hazel was a leader and a hero. He believed that by standing up to the belief that all men were created equal this world could become a better place.