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Watership Down Essay, Research Paper Many people possess leadership qualities although they don?t rule a country. Meriwether Lewis, the official leader of the Lewis and Clark Expedition has been called ?undoubtedly the greatest pathfinder this country has ever known.? Just like Hazel, Meriwether Lewis led a group of followers into unknown territory. The two guides faced many difficult situations that they were able to overcome since they had the qualities of a notable leader. Both of the journeys were rough, but because of the brave leaders both expeditions were successful. One important skill that a leader should have is risk, which Hazel and Lewis both experienced. Hazel and Lewis each took their followers into lands that were unfamiliar to them. Neither of them knew what

they were going to encounter, but had they not taken a chance, they never would have found what they were looking for. Hazel had to jeopardize his life for the future of his rabbits when he tried to free the rabbits of Nuthanger Farm, when he lured the dog away from the farm so that it would attack General Woundwort, and many other times. Lewis gambled his life and the lives of his crew for the United States when he explored western North America. The explorers experienced not only bad weather but also attacks from Indians. Although taking these risks was very dangerous, had they not be taken western North America may have never been discovered, and all of the rabbits on Watership Down would have died at Sandleford. Hazel led the rabbits of Watership Down to become allies with

other animals, much like Lewis became friends with Touissant Charbonneau and his wife Sacagawea. The first animal that Hazel became friends with was a small mouse. Even though the mouse wasn?t big enough to fight any battles with the rabbits, he became beneficial when he warned Hazel of Woundwort. Kehaar, a bird, was the other animal that the rabbits became allies with. He helped to lead Hazel to the warren of Efrafa. Without Kehaar, the rabbits would have never found Efrafa and the does that helped their small warren grow. Touissant Charbonneau and Sacagawea both assisted Lewis by being guides just like Kehaar. By making allies, Hazel and Lewis were able to make their missions easier and more enjoyable. Lewis and Hazel?s journeys were not effortless, but because of their

determination they were able to keep the morale high within their groups. Although there was extremely bad weather throughout Lewis? journey, he was able to keep up the hopes of his followers by telling them how wonderful life would be once they reached the Pacific Ocean. Hazel also had to tell his rabbits how wonderful the warren would be once they arrived there and were settled in. There were many times when the rabbits doubted Fiver?s dreams and their decision to leave Sandleford, but Hazel always encouraged them to keep going. Both Hazel and Lewis did their best to stay optimistic, and in the end, their trips were triumphant. Lewis and Hazel both possessed magnificent leadership qualities, and because of these qualities they were able to complete great tasks. Hazel was able

to lead a group of rabbits into a mysterious region, overcome many difficult obstacles, and develop a thriving warren. Lewis became one of the greatest explorers when he led men past rivers, over mountains, though rain and snow, and reached the Pacific. Hazel and Lewis took risks, made friends, used their determination, and other leadership skills to complete what seemed like impossible journeys.