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allegations against Rose Mary Woods, Nixon’s secretary, that she had deliberately erased select portions of the tapes as they were being released ( Farnsworth 4). Although Nixon did release the tapes a few at a time, and what were released may have been edited, not all of the tapes have been released to this day. This is why the tapes were given the name ?The smoking gun”(Groiler 2). Although not all the tapes and files were released, the Nixon Presidential Materials Staff ,a part of the National Archives and Records Administrations, Office of the Presidential Nixon administration, is custodian for all the historical materials of the Nixon administration. Their holdings include, some forty million pages of textual material, the audiovisual records, approximately five hundred

thousand photographs, four thousand videotapes, four thousand, four hundred audiotapes, nine hundred and fifty white House tapes and one million feet of motion picture film, and more than thirty thousand gift items (NARA I). The Nixon Presidential Materials Staff have some of the records available for research. The material open to the public is approximately two thousand two hundred and ten cubic feet of textual materials. They also created a special flies unit. The special files unit was created in September of 1972 and was to provide a storage location away from the White House Complex to store the selected sensitive files. These complete files are of a highly sensitive nature and consist of papers of the Office of the President, the staff secretary, the offices of H.R.

Haldernan, John Dean, Charles Closon. The following are the other groups that make up the special files and are only portions of the files(NARA1). Desmond Barker Jr. Special Assistant to the President (1 cubic foot) John R. Brown Ill Staff assistant to H.R. Haldeman (I cubic foot) Patrick J. Buchanan Special Assistant to the President (9 cubic feet) Stephen B. Bull Special Assistant to the President (2 cubic feet) Alexander P. Butterfield Deputy Assistant to the President (3 cubic feet) J.Fred Buzhardt replaced John Dean as Counsel to the President (2 cubic feet) Dwight Chapin President’s Appointments Secretary (14 cubic feet) Charles W. Colson Special Counsel to the President (45 cubic feet) John W. Dean Counsel to the President (37 cubic feet) Harry Dent Deputy counsel and

Special Counsel to the President (4 cubic feet) John D. Ehrlichman Counsel to the President (23 cubic feet) Alexander M. Haig Senior Military Assistant to the President (16 cubic feet) H.R. Haldeman President’s Chief of Staff (140 cubic feet) President’s Office Files (38 cubic feet) President’s Personal Files (65 cubic feet) This is only a partial list of the files that are at the Nation Archives and Records Administration and the Nixon Presidential Materials Staff(NARA 2). Richard Nixon, facing White House impeachment and probable Senate Conviction, became the first U.S. chief executive to resign on August 9, 1974 (Grolier 1). It was later reported that, Richard Nixon had arranged a deal with Vice-President Ford. The arrangement was, if Ford would full fill two requests,

that Nixon would step down and make Gerald Ford the President. Those conditions were, Richard Nixon was to receive a full pardon and that Ford would make sure that any information about Nixon’s involvement with the anti-Castro operations would be totally concealed (Secret 1972 2). With Gerald Ford stepping in to fill in the remainder of the term, Ford gave Nixon a full and absolute pardon in September 1974(Grolier 1). Harry Robbins Haldeman was Nixon’s White House Chief of Staff. Haldeman was found guilty of conspiracy , obstruction of justice and perjury in the Watergate cover-up. Haldeman was given a four year sentence and was paroled on Dec.20, 1978 after serving eighteen months. He later published a book about the scandal entitled The Ends of Power in 1978 (Grolier 1).

Everette Howard Hunt was a CIA agent and an presidential aide. Hunt was the director of the Watergate burglary at the Democratic National Headquarters. For his part in the burglary Hunt was given a eight year sentence. He was paroled on February 23, 1977 after serving thirty two months. Hunt went on to publish dozens of spy thrillers into the 1990s(Grolier 1). John Newton Mitchell served as the Attorney General of the United States. He became chairman of the Committee to Re-Elect the President in March of 1972. He was sentenced to four years for his conviction on charges of conspiracy, obstruction of justice and perjury. He went on to live quietly in Washington DC after his release from prison in January 1979 (Grolier 1). John Wesley Dean was the counsel to the President. Dean