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Federation has fully documented that the toxic effects of chemicals in polluted waters include damage to an animal?s endocrine and reproductive systems. Close I. Believe it or not, state and federal agencies still allow the legal, permitted discharge of even the most dangerous chemicals into our nation?s waters. (show diagram #4) A. This is a diagram, which shows how each state, rates on testing its waters and taking steps to protect its watersheds. B. As you can see Florida is among the poor category. This means it must take drastic steps in changing some areas of pollution, which the state has failed to address. II. Prevention is the only sure way to treat problems caused by polluted water. A. It is up to us to keep the water we rely on clean. B. The following are some things

you can do to take action 1. Join programs, which take an active role in cleaning up our beaches and waterways. 2. Ask your representative to protect our coasts 3. Take a stand, get educated and become part of the solution, not the problem. III. In closing, I?ve made some handouts with viable information on how you can help save our water supply for future generations. (pass out handouts) A. Beyond familiarizing you with the many threats to your waterways and potential consequences of those threats, I also wanted to highlight the opportunities that all of us have to clean and protect our water. B. With your help, we can assure that watersheds across the country are clean & healthy and meet the needs of the wildlife and the people that depend on them.