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to late, Tyrone Washburn was in full control. It is true that all of Tyrone Washburn?s alibis checked out, for the most part. There is no alibi that can account for his whereabouts during his half hour break. The only person who claims to have seen him at this time was a neighbor who reportedly saw him leaving his home. It is true he would not have had time to kill her during the late morning or evening, but in the early morning he and Elena were the only ones in the house. The half hour break would give him time to clean up his mess and move the body to the garage. There was no evidence presented to us in the courtroom that would cause us to doubt Washburn?s guilt. This case is full of unanswered questions. It is hard to find solid evidence on both sides. Why was she murdered?

Other than the $2,500 insurance money, Mr. Washburn would have to have No reason to murder his wife. We don?t know when he went to the garage. He said he took the trash out after dinner, and then changed his mind a few days later. We don?t know what to believe, but we know the food he had for dinner the night the body was found was on the floor next to the body. Why did the killer put the body in the garage? Washburn was probably waiting for the perfect moment to find the body. We are unsure of the time of death. One co-worker claims to have seen her in the office at noon, but Washburn would have only had time to kill her when he left for work at approximately 7:45. We don?t know what time his break was, or how long it takes him to get home from work. We were never given time

estimates or numbers to work with. Washburn claims to have been worried about his wife when he didn?t find her at home, but why didn?t he look all through the house. Most people would check every room in a house if they wanted to find somebody. He didn?t even call her office or her friends to see if she was there. The list of unanswered questions is endless. Mr. Washburn should have been the first suspect because all of the evidence points to him. It is the fault of the investigating officers that the case is incomplete. With the evidence we have been presented, it is clear that Tyrone Washburn is guilty of murder. The list of evidence against him by far outweighs the list of evidence in his favor. To not convict him would be a crime by us. We need to show justice to the

deceased. The motive is still unclear. Maybe Washburn was having an affair with the maid or with Elena?s sister, but whatever the reason it is not worth taking a life. He took the life of a mother, the mother to his children to please himself. A man that would deprive his children of their mother should be deprived of his freedom, or even his life.