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Was The Civil War Inevitable? Essay, Research Paper Was the war that took the lives of six-hundred thousand people avoidable? Did young men from the North and South die in a conflict that could have been solved through negotiation? The Civil War was an inevitable conflict which was bound to explode due to the failure of politics and the North and South’s dispute over the issue of slavery. There are many interpretations of the causes and inevitability of the American Civil War. One cause of the Civil War is that the differences between the North and South’s societies caused the war. The southern culture was totally different form the northern one. The southern lifestyle was strongly centered around farming: agriculture. While the northern lifestyle revolved around

factories: industrialism. Many believe that the Civil War was avoidable. They might argue that The Civil War could have been avoided with time. Had the Notherners slowly tried pushing towards the abolition of slavery, then the south would not have wanted war . But as you know the North and South were two different countries. Who would decide on weather to end slavery, or make owning another man legal. Both sides, at this point were far away from any compromise. So war was the only escape. Now the bigger reason, the north did not really fight the war with the intentions of ending slavery. They actually did not want slavery to be abolished because economically and socially slavery was important to them. Slavery gave the north cheep raw materials such as cotton. They could use the

materials (which were bought at a very low price due to slavery) and sell the finished product at the same price, thus giving them an even bigger profit! The North needed the South and the South needed the North. This war was not fought just to kill. This war answered many questions that sometimes, sadly can only be answered by war. This war made the country a nation. This war abolished slavery. This war showed that the national government should have more power than states. And lastly this war showed us that we both need each other, and sometimes it s better to put our prides aside. Six-hundred thousand lives were taken to fight a war that was inevitable. Young men fought for a cause that they believed in, and because of them there was an end to a conflict which would have

exploded in the future.