Was The Articles Of Confederation An Efficent

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Was The Articles Of Confederation An Efficent Form Of Government? Essay, Research Paper The articles of confederation were a somewhat effective form of governmnt for the newly founded united states. It was ineffective in many ways but it did however provide for successfull distrubution of newly accouired lands that are still in use today.. One of the main reasons the Articles of Confederation were ineffective was because for congress to pass any bill it had to have a unamoius vote. This was nearly impossible due to bickering amoung the states. The Articles of Confederation also did not effectivly provide representation of each of the states. Each state was alotted on erepresentatie for congress. This method did not acccuratly represent the United States population, larger

states were being under represented. The Articles of confederation did not also provide for a national army. This caused amny problems.. The newly founded United States could not remove British troups from American soil. The British refused to leave the posts in america dispite many requests and letters such a John Jay?s(Doc D). Each state did however have it?s own militia, but these militia?s wre empathatic to the american causes.The articles of confederation did not also provide for a national money sysytem. Each colony had it?s own money. Trading between colonies was very difficult because of this. Trading with foriegn countries was even more difficult, foriegn merchants had trouble accepting the colonies money and in deciding wich colony to trade with. Another major flaw in

the Articles of Confederation was that they did not allow the national government to tax. For the government to recieve and funds it had to ask the state governments to donante money to the national level. The state governments however, did not always give the amount requested by the national government. This left the congress unable to repay the soilders who fought during the revolutiom (Doc. C) The articles of confederation did however effectivly set up a system for alotting new lands to the government. This system is still in effect to this day. In conclusion the Articles of Confederation were a mostly faulty form of government but they did however have some good points. They were adopted by a fearful country and did not effectivly govern.